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The Caged: I.
Late nights, flickering computer screens, scribbles on a page. Continuous lines of numeric data wrote themselves on to the screen, a line of calculations that reached no reasonable conclusion. Mitchell Machiavelli sighed at the data in front of him, still uncertain as to how he could resolve the anomalies despite spending eleven hours pouring over numbers and text. His fingertips hurt from typing so much into the computer. It had been an exceedingly long night for the doctor, pouring over historical references and past patient files, throwing outdated files into the trash, comparing details and final conclusions to patients' files in a desperate bid to reach the end of an exceedingly long and seemingly unproductive night. He had to find a solution. There was a cure for everyone.
At least that's what he told himself; every single day he sat in front of his equipment, praying for some kind of retribution from the never-ending madness his life had so quickly become. It was a struggle that
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Heart's Light - Chapter 3
"No, knees bent, wings curled. We've been over this."
Taylor inhaled deeply and threw herself at the training master again and once more found herself bouncing back along the floor. She had been training for a week, yet no matter how hard she tried she was berated by Boran for not practicing hard enough. She had been forced to watch the other angels making surprise drops from the ceiling upon their partners, snapping a sword out of their hands, throwing them half way across the room. She tried to make Boran understand that she was small and incapable of throwing people across rooms in attempt to crack a smile on his stern face but he had not been amused. His reply was, "If you have time to crack jokes then you have time to put some work in. Now get to those weights."
Now she stood with Boran trying to break through his thick arms in an attempt to slip a knife into his ribs. Each time she failed and was criticised, she grew more irate until she blurted out, "Well, maybe if you'd make it
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The Caged: Prologue
A soft wind blew across the Scottish Highlands, the trees whispering in response to its song. The thickets were buzzing, flowers beginning to poke their dainty little heads out into the sunlight, rabbits bounding across the heather, disrupting the insects that rested within. This was the birds opportunity and they swooped down from the pale blue sky where clouds tumbled around lazily for a morning meal.
The scene remained constant for a long stretch before the wind was rebuked by man. The metal walls of the Boundaries spoke hauntingly as the air tried to squeeze through it. The sound would set most on edge, but not Naomi. She was not one to panic over sounds that she heard on a regular basis. The wind in the hallowed walls, the stream trickling into the rushing river, the sound of Nadia's footsteps along the top of the walls where they patrolled. Nadia was the eyes; Naomi, the ears. If they did not know the idiosyncrasies of the land around them, then they would not notice disturbances
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XVII Accord of Madness P5
  The Council was furious when I entered the slightly stuffy chamber with its heavily laden bookshelves and glass cases filled with soul gems of all power levels, lit only by the flickering candles that stretched their shadows up the wall. Were they deliberately trying to oppress me by not using a spell to light up the room? Trying to close me in with their imposing stature? To this day I am still not certain as to what their intentions were, even less so as to their personal feelings towards me. However, I am very much aware that Raminus was as much to do with the sour mood in the room as I was in saving Cyrodiil from starvation.
  “I hope you have a very good reason for dismissing us earlier,” Raminus hissed, forgetting his customary politeness and deferential tone.
  Elitlaya threw a sympathy glance in my direction, but I didn’t need it. I was the Arch-Mage of this University, this Council; I held the most power, no matter my age or experience
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Heart's Light - Chapter 2
Damon woke from his sleep unrested and confused. He had never experienced such vivid dreams before. Everything about them seemed wrong; colours seemed to vibrant, sounds were too loud, flavours too strong. Every word uttered within them seemed painted, as if an artist and a writer had combined their talents into one large scene that ignored the boundaries of reality. It intrigued him and repulsed him all in one thought.
No one ever asks to become an angel, but they are chosen all the same. Many embrace their new life with a positive attitude, believing it to be for the better. If Damon had been given the choice, he would have ignored his calling and remained with the mortals. They were oblivious to what was going on around them, unconcerned about the demons that stalked them to their doors. That was the only reason everyone wasn't dead or converted. Demons could never enter under the roof of a mortal without being granted permission, either directly or indirectly.
Shaking his thick bro
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Hero of Others
  Clang! Flocks of birds scattered into the evening sky, the serene peace of the town broken by the bells. Children in the streets jumped in sudden fright, merchants bustled around their stalls as they packed away their goods, mothers slammed doors and chased out the winter chill. Only one stayed calm, settled in a determined state of mind as his keen eyes scanned the strong boundaries of the castle walls.
  The low setting sun did not disturb his vision, neither did it expose his position, high up in the bell tower. No noise caused him to flinch, his plan certain in his head more than anything he remembered. Inside that castle lay two curiosities: the amulet of Abethon, and High Lord Marcus Oca. The latter was merely an obstacle, albeit a persistent one. Gluttonous but still drearily bone-like; selfish but respected as a generous leader; arrogant and haughty, yet a hero amongst the people. He had a deep hatred for the so-called “imaginary guild of thieves”
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Secret Santa Wishlist
Hello my Secret Santa,
I have been a very good girl this year and believe I am worthy of one of my requested presents. I haven't written a long list since you will only be drawing one of them for me. So here we go:
• Laétira using the Frost Breath shout (Skyrim reference)
• Laétira meditating with Paarthurnax atop the Throat of the World (Skyrim reference)
• Laétira, Saérîlaë and Fhaértalä side by side, Saérîlaë slightly in front of the others – reflections of the madness of the Shivering Isles (Oblivion references)
• Louis Tomlinson and I – to please my Directioner heart. XD
• Bronwyn with her Pokemon
I hope you find something among my list that is suitable to be drawn. Check the artist's comments for any references you may require. Hope you have fun!
:iconthelisaraptor:thelisaraptor 3 0
GIFT: Katie by thelisaraptor GIFT: Katie :iconthelisaraptor:thelisaraptor 3 7 Formal 31 by thelisaraptor Formal 31 :iconthelisaraptor:thelisaraptor 3 2 Formal 30 by thelisaraptor Formal 30 :iconthelisaraptor:thelisaraptor 3 5


My deviantART Story
I suppose I should join in with this?
My dA story can either be very complicated, or very simple. I've made many friends, and have fallen out with many people. I wont blame everyone for what happened, as I know I have made mistakes also.
But I feel I've grown a hell of a lot since I joined, and I guess making mistakes is a part of growing. So, I wont regret what has happened, but I will thank everyone and everything for helping me grow; for giving me a lesson to learn from.
I have met a lot of people, and have fallen out of contact with a lot of people. But all of the friends I have or had made I will treasure.
I'm not very good at keeping in contact with people... routines and me just don't mix. And I'm sorry for that. But the people on here who have stuck with me mean a lot. More than they may realise.
I will always treasure the friendships I have made on here.
I have let go of the grudges I held about people on here.
And I'll just continue to try and grow.
Now, emotional stuff out o
:icondreamersarcadia:DreamersArcadia 5 17
We all hid when the faeries dueled.
You and I were in the closet, wishing to each other half-secretly among the motes that the duels could be rare as dragons, at least.  Instead they were only rare as quarter-moons.
Ground liquifies, sometimes, during a duel.  The stars brighten and fall faster, leaving holes in the ground and setting forests alight.  The sun hides in a bird’s nest, they say.
We did not see when the damage was done.  We were accustomed to avoiding to know even the names of those who fought.  Our eyes were far from windows.
But duels always ended the day after they began, and we stepped out as if we were free.
Your eyes caught the light first, and when I followed them my air caught in my throat.  Like going underwater without the protection of a mermaid.
That day our world was on fire.  The glass of the town hall had melted to colorful puddles on the ground.  Some houses were gone - some people too, I realized.  Surviva
:iconatheshya:Atheshya 129 42
10 ways to become a better artist
Dear, deviantart fellow artists
How to become better at art? How to gain necessary skill and how to stay motivated and inspired?
There are no right, or wrong answers to these questions, as we all are different and we have our own creative journeys - but here are some of my thoughts about the topic and I hope that they might be helpful.  :) (Smile) 
1. Make art with your heart 
    Make the art that you enjoy to create. Make what resonates with you, put your heart in it (not literally) and it will show through your artworks. 
2. Be consistent
Commit to yourself. Do something daily, even if it's just a sketch. Perhaps, do a study every morning or make speedpaintings. You may not see the progress at first, but you shouldn't get discouraged by that. Not every single one of your artworks has to be a masterpiece and it's totally okay to have a bad drawing every once
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Painting Fur Tutorial by Singarl Painting Fur Tutorial :iconsingarl:Singarl 2,125 88 Dragon and Wolf Sketch Design by Lucky978 Dragon and Wolf Sketch Design :iconlucky978:Lucky978 1,453 59 Elder Stones by TobiasRoetsch Elder Stones :icontobiasroetsch:TobiasRoetsch 779 38 Swarm by escume Swarm :iconescume:escume 3,774 409 Throwback Dragons: Maleficent by Lucky978 Throwback Dragons: Maleficent :iconlucky978:Lucky978 2,313 131 Reunited by Lapis-Razuri Reunited :iconlapis-razuri:Lapis-Razuri 3,593 94 Stitch and Toothless by TsaoShin Stitch and Toothless :icontsaoshin:TsaoShin 39,557 5,599 Zelda by Kuvshinov-Ilya Zelda :iconkuvshinov-ilya:Kuvshinov-Ilya 5,260 124 .MISSING YOU. by evol1314 .MISSING YOU. :iconevol1314:evol1314 88,828 9,505 4 Seasons by PSHoudini 4 Seasons :iconpshoudini:PSHoudini 1,132 315 Spirits of the Seasons by JoJoesArt Spirits of the Seasons :iconjojoesart:JoJoesArt 6,116 359 um... hello? by Skeleion um... hello? :iconskeleion:Skeleion 1,654 154 follow the bubble by Apofiss follow the bubble :iconapofiss:Apofiss 5,950 157



thelisaraptor's Profile Picture
Artist | Student | Literature
The name's Lisa. What be's yours? :wave:

The things that you need to know about me:
:bulletpurple: I'm nineteen - my birthday's 19 December.
:bulletpurple: I live in Northern Ireland but consider myself Irish. Just personal choice. :shrug:
:bulletpurple: I offer commissions at what I consider to be good prices, so check them out.
:bulletpurple: I love English and am going to study it at uni. I hope to act and write stories.
:bulletpurple: My DA friends mean the world to me. Hurt any one of them and I swear, I will hunt you down.

Connect with me:

Instagram: @lisamccrissican

Random Kind Comment Stamp by Mirz123 The Butterfly Project by DreamersArcadia

:iconrequestfriendsonly: :iconcommissionsopen: :iconpointcommissionsopen: :icontradesopen: :icongiftsfriendsonly:

Ladies and Gentlemen

Journal Entry: Mon Aug 11, 2014, 10:18 AM
I think we can all safely affirm, that I am a terrible human being with no capability that allows me to keep promises. Especially seeing as my last journal post was in February, a fact I am not proud of.

This journal contains minor updates, and an action plan. I have a few things I owe people, and a few gifts I'm working on. I wish I could give a definite date for when pieces will be uploaded but that doesn't seem possible at this time. For that, I apologise profusely.

  • Passed my first year of university and am progressing to second year.
  • Joined a new musical society, and am becoming much more confident with my voice.
  • Currently taking part in #100happydays on Instagram after seeing Kirstie Maldonado doing the project. You can follow me @lisamccrissican if you so wish. I can't promise to look as pretty as Kirstie does, but I'll do my best.

  • Pokemon team for Allviran - REQUEST IN PROGRESS
  • Pokemon team for maakurinohime - REQUEST IN PROGRESS
  • Eredhon and Toumoro for DreamersArcadia - GIFT IN PLANNING
  • Blackened Stars - CHAPTERS INBOUND
  • Heart's Light - CHAPTERS IN PROGRESS

That's everything I have to say right now. I hope you can all understand. Thanks.

  • Reading: "The Island" by Victoria Hislop
  • Watching: BBC Newsline
  • Drinking: Tea


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I feel rather cheeky doing this but I would really like some points for commissions and stuff. I'm also in a bit of a financial stump at the moment and can't add any more points myself otherwise my ban account is running dry.
I'm not asking for much. Even just a little donation would be very beneficial. Thank you. :la:

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